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Be pleased you historical compelling visuals to encourage audiences?

Content is the reason search began in the first place.

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Visuals have confidence the vitality to join with audiences on a uniquely emotional diploma. They captivate audiences and sustain them coming abet for more.

PR On each day basis’s Video & Visible Awards will showcase the particular person communicators, teams and companies that historical the vitality of visuals to indicate compelling tales and rob audiences.

Allotment with us how your movies and visible designs grabbed target market attention—both internally and externally. What tales did they show? How did they end result in success to your campaigns, projects or initiatives? What made them uncommon and special? We want to listen to all of it.

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This yr’s program provides more than 40 categories defending a salubrious resolution of video and visible create attributes and issues. You would enter just a few class to expand your probabilities of edifying—and assign on just a few submissions of the identical campaign or project.

Scroll down to read more about this yr’s program and categories, then test out closing yr’s winners to gape what edifying work looks to be to be like worship.

Eligibility Requirements

These awards are originate to in-apartment, company and autonomous conversation practitioners within the within most, corporate, nonprofit and government sectors. Enter your work, the work of your organization or put up entries on behalf of your client.

Companies from spherical the area are welcome to enter as prolonged as the entry is submitted in English.

Contact Brendan Gannon to search out the gracious class to your campaign or project. You would attain him at 312-960-4407 or

This yr’s program is originate to any work finished between
Jan. 1, 2018, and
Nov. 1, 2019, inclusive.


Every class winner will gain:

  • A featured write-up in a Special Version of
  • An dazzling trophy   
  • Fifteen p.c off registration to as many conferences as you’d worship within one yr of the winner announcement

PLUS:  Suited Prize winners gain all of the above, apart from to a complimentary one-yr membership to Ragan Coaching, our premier portal featuring hundreds of high-quality streaming movies that would possibly per chance also be browsed by topic place, keywords or speakers. 



Charitable or Nonprofit Video

How did you make utilize of video as a storytelling tool to your nonprofit or charitable initiative? Allotment the video you created to lift awareness just a few project, foundation, charitable carrier or nonprofit organization. Entries from nonprofit or for-profit organizations doing charitable work are eligible.

Disaster Administration Video

You had to acknowledge to a disaster in a sensitive and advised manner. Producing a video was the gracious blueprint to get your message out to a mountainous target market. Did you bother a public apology? Acknowledge to a disaster affecting your community? Expose us why you had to make this video and stroll us during the manufacturing direction of. Don’t neglect to encompass what made it a success.

digital Commercial

Video is a in particular efficient blueprint to drive sales. How did your digital advert stutter their own praises your services or products and entice americans to purchase? Expose us all about it—and whether it made a distinction for your earnings apart from.

Academic Video

Who was your target market? What were you hoping to educate with your video? How did you make utilize of the experience of your workers, executives or out of doors influencers so that you would possibly per chance per chance add credibility to your message? We want to take hang of your mission and, most importantly, the outcomes.

Event Video

You sought a more ingenious capability to driving attendance to your tournament—and a video was the gracious resolution. What channels did you make utilize of to half it? Did it feature clips from speakers, emphasize the benefits of attending or show what americans uncared for by not attending? Allow us to stare the video you created to your tournament or program. Please encompass responses from your target market(s).

Govt Dialog Video

How did you prepare your executives to effectively half messages on digicam that people would snoop on? How did this fabricate a distinction in viewership and perspectives of credibility? What were the outcomes from your govt comms video message?

Explainer Video

Explainer movies are a gigantic, fun blueprint to indicate industrial tips and recent concepts. Why was producing an explainer video a gigantic strategy for you? Did you’re making this for a consumer or for inner utilize? Allotment a hyperlink to your video and the entire crucial aspects about your strategy and success.

influencer Video

You wished to get your mark in entrance of a gigantic target market, so you let an influencer get heart stage. How did you in deciding the suitable spokesperson to your video? What made him or her a supreme fit to your mark? We want to gape the planning that went into deciding on this influencer, alongside side the video you produced and the outcomes.

Inside of Communications Video

We want to gape the plan you delivered your organization’s knowledge onscreen, offered vacation greetings to your workers, presented a merger or recent direction, boosted morale or communicated an govt’s assertion. Allotment your success with us, and don’t neglect to encompass worker strategies.

Interview Video

Video captures human knowledge and emotion more powerfully than any slightly quite loads of medium. Why did you in deciding video to bring a person’s ardour or yarn to life? Did you interview an worker to half his or her experience at your organization? We want to take hang of what made your interview video a success.

News Yarn Video

You delivered highly efficient or crucial knowledge to your target market through video. Expose us the plan you lined the entire key questions and delivered essential knowledge to the final public, workers or customers. How did you earn your target market’s attention in an world of repeatedly breaking knowledge?

Organization Overview Video

How did you earn your organization’s dreams, mission, recent initiatives or services on video? What did they attain for recruitment and practising? We want to take hang of what you potentially did to toughen your organization’s message, apart from to the strategies you bought.

Product advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing Video

A image would possibly per chance well earn a 2d glorious of a thousand phrases, nonetheless a video tells your product’s yarn. Why did you in deciding video to market this product? What was video’s fine cost? We want to take hang of what your advertising and marketing dreams were—and don’t neglect strategies. What made your video a success?

Public Family Video

Your press releases weren’t getting attention anymore, so you went a slightly quite loads of route. What yarn did you show for your public family video? Used to be your video created to pitch a yarn to journalists? Did you have to to generate a more glorious image of your client or mark? What did you attain?

*NEW* Public Provider Announcement Video

Used to be your video instrumental in raising awareness about social or health and safety points? How did it recount the final public or support switch attitudes against the points in a special and compelling plan? Allotment the strategies, tactics and results.

Recruitment or Employer Branding Video

Your organization would be nothing without correct americans. How did you make utilize of video to design big candidates to your workers? Allotment the video that touched the hearts and minds of a shiny, tense pool of possible recent hires. What was the response?

Safety Video

You created a safety video that conveyed serious, lifesaving safety guidelines or procedures in a fun, consuming plan. We want to take hang of the plan you historical video to promote a safety campaign for your apartment of business. How did your video sustain your target market attentive? How did your video end result in a safer space of business?

*NEW* Jog, Tourism or Hospitality Video

Your video was a key ingredient in promoting an experience to traffic. How did your video compel vacationers to book with you or your client? Allotment your dreams, the plan you finished them and any strategies you bought which capability that.

TV advertising and marketing and marketing advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing campaign

TV ads desires to be uncommon, memorable and watchable over and all over all over again. How did you maximize publicity to your organization, services or products with an innovative, shimmering, witty TV advert campaign? What message did you get across? Please show us results.

User-Generated Video

Your users add a recent level of view to your mark yarn. User-generated movies can show you slightly quite loads of about how your services or products are viewed. Allotment the person-generated movies you smooth and show us the plan you historical them. What inspired americans to make them? Allotment the movies and the outcomes.

*NEW* Space of business Culture Video

When it involves organizational cultures, yours is the cream of the sever. Observe us how your video highlights how your organization provides a steadiness of work and play whereas encouraging worker inform and achieving results.


360 Video

You wished to give your viewers the entire image, so you created an interactive, 360-diploma video they would possibly per chance well hit upon. Were you showing off a product, an tournament or one thing else? Allotment your 360 video with us and show us the blueprint it helped attain your dreams.

*NEW* Augmented or Virtual Fact Video

Your video helped viewers immerse themselves in an experience. What were the benefits of offering a virtual or augmented actuality experience to your target market? Did it fabricate viewers feel as if they were at an tournament or support them preview a product? Allotment the crucial aspects and the outcomes.

Piquant Video

With whimsical but relatable characters and a fun and participating storyline, your video attracted a mountainous target market. We want to gape the techniques, strategies and results of your famed spellbinding video.

Dwell Video

Fb Dwell and instagram Tales, amongst slightly quite loads of channels and platforms, enable you to join and rob with your target market straight away. How did you make utilize of live video to drive engagement with your organization, tournament or campaign? Did you ask for strategies or participation from your target market? Expose us all about it.

Low-Funds Video (Underneath $2,500)

It’s more straightforward than ever to make pleasing video without breaking the bank. Did you make utilize of a smartphone, digital digicam or GoPro to fabricate movie magic? Observe us the plan you stretched each buck and acquired more video bang to your buck.

Utilize of a Celeb or Personality

You had to make a video belief, nonetheless it indubitably wished a scramble of large name vitality. How did you’re making a partnership with a celeb or persona that made sense to your mark? Who did you rob out and why did it work? We want to take hang of the plan you employed your celeb’s impact and reputation to lend credibility to your message.

Video Collection

You knowledgeable a well off, thrilling yarn in many ingredients. Why was each video spectacular on its delight in and even greater when put alongside side others? Expose us the plan you were ready to fabricate these entertaining segments add up to more than the sum of their ingredients. How did your sequence expand engagement and sustain viewers coming abet for more? Don’t neglect to half the outcomes.


digital Signage

digital signage would possibly per chance also be an efficient tool for sharing knowledge. Did you’re making signage for an tournament, activation or space of business apartment? What peril level did the addition of digital signage take care of to your organization or client? Expose us referring to the belief that within the abet of it and the strategies you acquired.

Illustration or Piquant Create

Done appropriate, animation and illustration provide easy explanations for delicate concepts. Why were spellbinding characters the suitable medium to your message? Did your illustrations and animations grace a video, infographic or one thing else? Expose us referring to the yarn you created to your characters and the blueprint it met your dreams.


Did you upward thrust to the bid if you happen to were asked to flip intimidating knowledge into an dazzling infographic? Did you fabricate dreary statistics entertaining with your ingenious and interactive create? Expose us how your infographic made overwhelming knowledge taking part and precious.

Inside of Communications Create

Observe us the plan you inspired your workers to act. Did you make utilize of interactive create to indicate a recent benefits conception? Did you make utilize of gamification to entice workers to discontinue a dreary practising session? Observe us the plan you acquired messages noticed the utilization of visible create.

advertising and marketing and marketing and marketing Create

The obedient advertising and marketing campaigns would be incomplete without genuine create. We want to gape how your create gave your campaign staying vitality. Why were your visuals the most influential fragment of your campaign? How did create enable you to achieve your vision?

*NEW* Stream Graphics

You created the gracious mix of animation and graphics to tell knowledge to audiences in an entertaining medium. How did you pair narration with your graphics to indicate one thing or recount your viewers? Allotment the plan you ditched the mundane, step-by-step instructions to get viewers’ attention.


Vibrant photography displays the human experience from a recent level of view. How did you make utilize of photography to list your campaign, project or organizational message? What was your aim? How did photography impact your results?

Print Create

Observe us the plan you brought your message to life with your create of print provides. Why was print the suitable medium to your message? How was your print create displayed? Used to be it for an inner or external target market? We want to acknowledge your work within the industry’s most old school create medium.

Social Affect Create

Your create or infographic did more than generate buzz. It incited social switch. Did you aim environmental, tutorial or human rights points? How did your create bring the bid to the forefront of public consciousness? Why was create needed to instructing your community about crucial points? Don’t neglect the outcomes.

Social Media Create

How did create place of dwelling your social media insist rather than your competition? Did your visuals generate hundreds likes, shares and comments? Why were your profiles the lunge-to pages to your target market? Observe us your visuals and audacious metrics.

Site Create

Your net space gadgets the digital experience your target market mates with your mark. How did your net space create galvanize americans? Used to be this an initial net open for a recent product or an total image overhaul for a company or client? Were you ready to flip your net space trusty into a digital destination? We want to gape proof of a fair appropriate attempting and functional net space that engages and retains traffic.


Suited Prize: Finest Total Video

We want to gape movies that elicited an unparalleled response from workers, stakeholders and/or patrons. Your video would possibly per chance also be about anything. As prolonged as the yarn is big and the outcomes are spectacular, you’re within the working for the massive prize.

Suited Prize: Visible Create of the 300 and sixty five days

Expose us the yarn within the abet of your pleasing visible create. How did you make utilize of visible art work to talk an belief, trigger or product? Used to be your create informative, highly efficient or funny? Observe us your prime-tier create. What was the create for? What was its discontinue? Instruct that you have originality that straight away arrests attention.

How To Enter

On the entry make, fabricate certain to encompass an intensive synopsis explaining the cause and scope of your project. We ask that the synopsis be at the least 1,000 phrases (max: 1,250 phrases) and encompass the following sub-headings (when relevant):

  • Dreams
  • Arrangement and tactics
  • Execution
  • Review: success, results or ROI

Make certain that to have a study the guidelines laid out within the class descriptions, as the judges will gape for these ingredients when they rob out the winners.

It is miles possible for you to so that you would possibly per chance per chance add up to five additional documents to your submission. We lend a hand you to encompass press releases, create concepts, movies, analytics, testimonials and anything else you are feeling will give us a a lot bigger sense of your project. Proprietary or inner knowledge can additionally be linked and would possibly per chance well not be shared with the final public.

Supporting documents that would possibly per chance well’t be uploaded to the device desires to be mailed to:

Brendan Gannon

Ragan Communications 

316 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 400 

Chicago, IL 60601

Additional Questions

If you happen to have confidence gotten any questions on this system or problems submitting your entry, please name Brendan Gannon at 312-960-4407 or electronic mail him at

John Cowan

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