We requested Cigna’s senior drawl material supervisor what helps him navigate his workload. His answers masks an undimmable obvious outlook.

Communications work doesn’t will contain to silent be a chore.

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For Cigna’s Andrew Jayne, connecting with colleagues is a a part of the fun. We requested him what gets him thru his day. Label: a luxuriate in for tea and his accurate electronic mail client.

Pick that, Slack.

Here’s what makes Jayne’s days flee compatible by:

  1. How many cups of coffee impact you drink a day?

0—I’m a chai man.

  1. Who’s the biggest person at work you refer to for the length of your day?

A fellow communications colleague in my constructing. With the relaxation of my instant crew unfold across the country, having any individual to physically take a seat down with and jump suggestions off of is efficacious. I’m unprecedented extra creative and modern in that surroundings.

  1. What’s one tool that you couldn’t are living without? Why?

Electronic mail (don’t detest me). I will’t imagine attempting to relieve track of all the work conversations I even contain in one thing love IM or Job lists. I’d swiftly trip off the rails if I tried.

  1. What’s the final ingredient you impact forward of ending your work day?

Personal sure I commentary on any individual’s intranet put up.

  1. What keeps you up at evening?

World politics.

  1. What construction or change is the next tall ingredient in communications and/or your industry?

Ditching intranet news in favor of less frequent, less formal feeds to your intranet that workers can decide into or out of. Too unprecedented time and money goes into (news) drawl material that merely about no person is discovering out.

  1. One thing else you wish to fragment?

It’s OK to contain fun at work.

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