Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Video : The Definitive Handbook

Content is the reason search began in the first place.

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Here is a total handbook to video advertising in 2019.

In this in-depth handbook you’ll be taught:

  • salvage kindly video mumble material
  • promote your movies
  • use movies to lengthen conversions
  • Heaps more
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So whenever you occur to’re ready to trudge “all in” with video, this handbook is for you.

Let’s dive factual in.

Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Chapter 1: Video advertising Fundamentals

Video Marketing Fundamentals

In this chapter I’ll enable you salvage a address on the basics.

So whenever you occur to’re recent to video, or prefer to make certain that you just’re on the factual music, you’ll fancy this chapter.

Then, in later chapters, we’ll duvet developed tricks, ways, systems and case analysis.

Nonetheless for now, let’s duvet some key video advertising fundamentals.

Why Video Is Honorable (And Increasing Lickety-split)

Is video with out a doubt “the following big element” in the arena of promoting?

Let’s hasty gape at some recent stats…

82% of cyber web traffic will likely be video by 2022 (Cisco).

82% of internet traffic will be video by 2022

The sphere’s largest video platform, YouTube, is the 2nd hottest online page on the planet (Alexa).

Alexa: Ten most popular websites

And folk don’t factual visit YouTube. They use necessary amounts of time there. Surely, folk notice 1 billion hours of YouTube movies on on daily basis basis (YouTube).

People watch 1 billion hours of YouTube every day

(That’s more than Netflix and Fb video blended)

The frequent particular person spends 40 minutes per day looking out at YouTube… factual on cell gadgets (comscore).

The average user spends 40 minutes per day watching YouTube just on mobile devices

In the occasion you dig deeper, you stamp that on-line video is procedure more than graceful cat movies.

Surely, patrons are the usage of video to attend them salvage choices about what to purchase and who to purchase it from.

72% of purchasers take to comprise a study a video a few product than be taught a product description (HubSpot).

72% of consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than read a product description

Half of of cyber web users see a video earlier than visiting a store (google).

Half of internet users look for a video before visiting a store

And 90% of purchasers converse that video “helped them salvage procuring choices” (Forbes).

90% of consumers state that video

Why Extra Agencies Are Going All In With Video

Not surprisingly, companies are getting in on the action.

87% of companies now use video to attend market their product and services and products (WyzOwl).

87% of businesses now use video to help market their product and services

93% of entrepreneurs file that video has helped them salvage more possibilities (Animoto).

93% of marketers report that video has helped them get more customers

And perhaps essentially the most attention-grabbing statistic of all…

As a consequence of video has this sort of excessive ROI, 99% of entrepreneurs converse that they opinion on continuing with video this year (WyzOwl).

99% of marketers state that they plan on continuing with video this year

How Video Has Helped My Business Grow

My commercial is a residing example of the flexibility of video.

I created my first on-line video in 2013.

My first online video 2013

I change into factual initiating out so I didn’t comprise essential of a production budget. So I requested my pal to return over and movie the video at the side of his DSLR digicam.

As a consequence of it change into my first video, I change into SUPER anxious.

Fortunately, folk on the full cherished it.

My first video comments

(Even supposing, as that you just may perhaps seek, I desperately wished a haircut).

Flash forward to this day, and I’ve produced a complete bunch of movies for YouTube, my possess online page, and for our on-line programs.

Hundreds of videos

And, in disagreement to my first video that simplest got about 200 views, 160okay folk now seek my movies every month.

Video unique views

I’m able to also peaceable also level out that a factual chunk of these folk in the shatter became possibilities.

Surely, based totally on our most most contemporary buyer peep, a necessary quantity of most contemporary possibilities particularly cited our movies as a cause they made up our minds to designate up.

Videos convinced users to sign up

Useless to dispute, I’ve learned A LOT about video advertising over the closing 6 years.

And I’m going to share everything I’ve learned in this handbook.

Which leads us to chapter 2…

Chapter 2: Confirmed Video Whisper material Templates

Proven Video Content Templates

In this chapter I’m going at hand you 4 proven video mumble material templates.

These are detailed templates that can enable you opinion, clarify, script and movie your movies.

So whenever you occur to’ve ever struggled with the video creation route of, these templates will near in helpful.

Template #1: The How-to Video

The How-to Video is factual prefer it sounds…

It’s a video that reveals anyone how one can originate something, like bake a cake or originate a pushup.

For many companies, how-to movies will likely be your bread-and-butter. Surely, how-to movies are like a video version of weblog mumble material. They’re now not designed to convert folk factual then and there.

Nonetheless how-to movies ARE big for getting your tag in front of ability possibilities. So, at the side of product demos, I indicate the usage of them on your video advertising.

Here’s the template:

Template: The how-to video

Let’s atomize every element down.

Intro=Video Preview

The essential goal of your preview is to let your viewer know they’re in the factual situation.

In assorted words:

There’s no must dispute folk why your topic is essential. If they landed on your video, they already understand it’s essential.

Here is a mistake I made plenty with my early movies.

As a replace of leaping factual into the mumble material, I’d trudge staunch into a prolonged backstory.

Spoiler alert: folk HATED these intros. And moreover they clicked away.

(Not to mention the fact that, any other time, I with out a doubt wished a haircut 🙂 )

At the novel time, my intros are short, candy and to-the-level.

Which has dramatically improved my real looking Target market Retention.

Improved my average audience retention

Steps or Pointers

Now it’s time for the meat of your mumble material.

Depending on your video, you may perhaps perhaps clarify a series of steps. Or give folk a list of tricks.

To illustrate, this video from my channel lists out a series of 9 traffic systems.

On the assorted hand, this video outlines a particular step-by-step route of.

In the occasion you notice these movies, you’ll behold that the enchancment is de facto the identical.

The gracious distinction is that the steps are in a particular dispute. While the systems can even be in slightly essential any dispute.

That said, there’s one BIG element to comprise in mind with this portion of your how-to video:

Preserve issues transferring.

In assorted words: there’s no must duvet everything there is to understand a few step or tip. Yes, you may perhaps perhaps peaceable duvet every step in-depth. Nonetheless as quickly as you’ve lined the basics — development! — it’s time for the following step.


Successfully, it’s no secret that folk on-line comprise clear short attention spans. And whenever you occur to trudge on and on in regards to the identical topic, you’re gonna lose them.

To illustrate, I worn to use 2-3 minutes on a single step or tip.

And folk got REALLY bored.

At the novel time, I use about 30-60 seconds per tip. After which circulation factual into the following element I deserve to duvet.

That means, my video mumble material strikes like a flash… which retains folk engaged.

Wrapping Up

Now that you just lined your closing step, what’s subsequent?

Successfully, I don’t indicate ending your video out of nowhere. That’s clear jarring.

As a replace, you may perhaps hasty duvet 3 essential issues on your video conclusion:

  • A transient recap
  • Examples
  • Subsequent steps

To illustrate, in this video, I recap issues with:

Quick video recap

Gift that I don’t repeat the identical tricks they factual heard about.

As a replace, I hasty clarify what they learned… and originate to transition into the stop of the video.

And whenever you occur to may perhaps perhaps perhaps must any extent further examples of how this route of helped you, a buyer or a pal, mention them right here. You most likely already talked a few few examples in the steps portion of your video. Nonetheless with out a doubt feel free so that you just can add one more right here.

This final example provides folk motivation to take action on what they factual learned.

Lastly, let folk know the following steps.

If they’re looking out at your video on YouTube, it will perhaps perhaps very successfully be to subscribe to your channel.

In the occasion you’re cyber web online page hosting your video on your possess online page, you may perhaps perhaps request them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Either skill, make certain that to cap off your video with a clear role of subsequent steps.

Here’s an example:

End of video – Next steps

Template #2: Product Demo

In the occasion you may perhaps sing their very possess praises how your product works, nothing beats video.

Here’s the template I indicate:

Template: Product demo

Introduce The Carrying out

A complete bunch product demo movies originate off with why their product is so big.

And it’s a HUGE mistake.

Yes, that you just may perhaps sing their very possess praises your product in the origin of your video. Nonetheless factual for a 2nd.

That’s since the goal right here isn’t to sing their very possess praises your product (but).

As a replace, the goal of this portion is to hasty (and I indicate hasty!) introduce the wretchedness that your product solves.

Here is an susceptible infomercial trick that 1000% applies to product movies.

In the occasion you’ve ever been up at 3am flipping thru the channels, you’ve potentially bump into an infomercial.

Huggle Hoddie – Infomercial

And whenever you occur to comprise a study them carefully, you’ll behold that 80-90% of the infomercial isn’t in regards to the product itself. It’s in regards to the wretchedness the product solves.

(Especially in the origin of the infomercial)

To illustrate, the Huggle doesn’t originate off with features, advantages and costs. As a replace, they use the first few seconds outlining the wretchedness.

Huggle Hoodie – Infomercial problem

That means, when they DO demonstrate their product, viewers are primed to purchase.

Tease The Resolution

Now that you just’ve hit the viewer’s misfortune formulation, it’s time to tease the next skill.

There are a few ways to trudge about this.

The first is to duvet basic choices that folk use to resolve the wretchedness you factual equipped.

To illustrate, this video reveals how most folk salvage stuff notarized (and the procedure in which essential of a misfortune it is).

People waiting to get stuff notarized

You may perhaps perhaps furthermore factual mumble something easy like: “In the occasion you’ve ever struggled with X, there’s a recent skill to resolve X that works big.”

Product Phrase

Now it’s time for the fun stuff: exhibiting off your product.

Here is the section of your video the put you finally demonstrate your services and products or merchandise.

(Or, as infomercials take to dispute: “Introducing The Dog Snuggie!”).

No must be like right here. Excellent level to a great shot of your product with an mad introduction.

Here’s a gigantic example:

Product reveal introduction

Aspects and Advantages

Now that folk comprise viewed your recent product, it’s time to duvet some key features and advantages.

These advantages count plenty on the form of product you’re exhibiting off.

If it’s draw, you may perhaps level to the full chilly issues your draw can originate.

In case your product is a complement, you may perhaps enter the most essential formulation and why it works.

Product features and benefits

Examples and Testimonials

Subsequent, it’s time to sing their very possess praises examples, case analysis and testimonials.

Octasense does a gigantic job weaving case analysis into their product movies:

Product examples and testimonials

Call To Action

Lastly, it’s time for a CTA.

As a rule, this also may perhaps be a CTA to salvage a purchase dispute.

Nonetheless that does count on your services and products or merchandise. Let’s mumble you’re selling a $50okay a part of factory equipment.

If this is the case, your CTA may perhaps perhaps very successfully be “be taught more” or “guide a demo”.

Either skill, you may perhaps give your viewer something particular to originate after they make your video.

Template #3: Explainer Video

Here’s the put you novel a tough thought… a thought tied to your services and products or merchandise.

Here’s the step-by-step route of.

Template: Explainer video

The Giant Intro

Here’s the put you introduce your thought. There’s no must beat in each place in the bush right here. Excellent let them know what you may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps comprise in store for them.

To illustrate, TransferWise will get factual into what their video is all about.

TransferWise – Big intro

The Questions

Earlier than you dive into your explanation, request a few key questions that folk comprise about this thought

To illustrate, this chilly Explainer Video about APIs asks questions like “How does knowledge salvage from right here to there?”.

API explainer video – Question

These questions salvage the actual person looking out at SUPER uncommon about your explanation.


As a consequence of these are questions they’ve potentially wondered themselves. And must you request these identical questions early on, it makes your viewer PRIMED to purchase looking out at.

The Explanation

Now it’s time for the meat of your explainer video: the explanation.

The skill you construction this depends plenty on what you’re explaining.

Nonetheless in basic, you’d like this portion to be slightly short. Barely ample to give anyone a basic notion of the idea.

In assorted words: you’re now not making an are trying to give your viewer a PhD on your topic. As a replace, you’re giving them ample facts so that they comprise the basics down.

Here’s a gigantic example:

The Product Tie-In (Non-well-known)

In the occasion you may perhaps make use of your explainer video to pitch your services and products or merchandise, now’s the time to originate it.

The essential right here is to comprise a delicate transition from your explanation to your product. In assorted words: it shouldn’t with out a doubt feel like an ad tacked on on the stop of the video.

Spiel Inventive does a vivid job with their Product Tie-In portion.

Spiel Creative – Product tie-in

Template #4: The Case Conception

It’s no secret that case analysis can skyrocket your conversion payment.

And whenever you occur to would take to salvage MORE results out of every case gaze and testimonial, I extremely indicate video case analysis.

There’s nothing more powerful than seeing a residing, respiratory particular person talking about how big your firm is. Textual mumble material merely can’t evaluation.

With that, right here’s how one can construction your video case analysis and testimonials for maximum make.

Template: The case study

The Transient Background Memoir

You wish to originate your case gaze off by answering the interrogate:

“Who’s this particular person?”.

In assorted words:

Don’t kick off your case gaze video with your buyer talking about how big you may perhaps perhaps very successfully be. As a replace, request your buyer to briefly describe who they are and the put they’re at in lifestyles.

That means, your viewer has a chance to issue to that particular person (which is KEY).

To illustrate, in this case gaze video, one amongst our faculty students begins off with a transient clarify of who they are.

Don's video – Brief outline

(Gift: I always request our possibilities to deliver their skills in their very possess words. That means, their case gaze video appears to be like legit and legitimate… due to it is).

The “Earlier than”

The essential goal of this portion is to clarify the put your buyer change into BEFORE they tried your product.

In the occasion you’re a fitness coach, this also can very successfully be your shopper describing how they struggled with their weight after having their first little one.

Or whenever you occur to promote productivity draw, it will also be a busy executive talking about how they felt overwhelmed.

To illustrate, that you just may perhaps seek in this video Don describes how he struggled with mumble material creation:

Don describes how he struggled with content creation

The “After”

Now that your buyer has established who they are and the put they’re coming from, it’s time to salvage into the outcomes.

Adore I talked about earlier, I don’t indicate telling your possibilities what to dispute or how one can dispute it.

Nonetheless if possible, reduction them to share particular results in their very possess words.

And comprise in mind: these results don’t must be thoughts-blowing.

Surely, real looking results (like shedding 10 pounds) are infrequently better due to they’re more relatable.

To illustrate, let’s gape any other time at Don’s case gaze video.

Don's case study video

His results are impressive (rating #1 for his goal keyword), but very relatable.

The Recommendation

Lastly, it’s time on your buyer to resolution the interrogate: “What would you dispute anyone that’s on the fence?”.

Here’s an example:

Don's recommendation

Now that you just may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps comprise these four templates in-hand, it’s time to duvet video tools and equipment.

Chapter 3: Video Equipment Checklist

Video Equipment Checklist

Blueprint it is some distance a must-must put money into some equipment to salvage excessive-superb movies? Yes.

Does this equipment must atomize the bank?


Surely, that you just may perhaps in most cases salvage the full equipment it is some distance a must-must shoot GREAT movies for a few hundred bucks.

And whenever you occur to’re on a with out a doubt tight budget, I’ll level to you a few hacks you need to always utilize to salvage pro movies with out breaking the bank.

Let’s dive in.

Your Field

Yup, cameras and mics are essential.

Nonetheless nothing is more essential than the put you shoot.

Assume about it:

You may perhaps perhaps comprise the suitable digicam in the arena. Nonetheless whenever you occur to shoot in a closet, your video is going to gape imperfect.

On the assorted hand, whenever you occur to shoot in a successfully-lit room, that you just may perhaps salvage with out a doubt superb movies with an iPhone.

That said, via shooting advertising movies, you may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps comprise a few assorted procedure choices:

Your Home or Place of work

Most homes and offices can even be converted staunch into a makeshift video studio.

That said, right here are a few issues to comprise in mind via shooting at dwelling:

  • Pay end attention to echo and noise: Properties and offices aren’t role up for audio recording (why would they be?). So double verify that the room doesn’t comprise a host of echo (reverb) or noises from the exterior. Hideous audio can shatter an in every other case big video.
  • Exquisite background: Fetch a room that has a neutral background. Or a static background that’s now not distracting (like a bookshelf).
  • Consistent lighting fixtures: Pure light appears to be like big. Nonetheless it with out a doubt’s unpredictable. So make certain that that you just can buy a watch on the lighting fixtures on your room with curtains or shutters.

Surely, I shot a host of my early movies in my dwelling.

Brian Dean – Apartment video

And attributable to a fairly soundproofed room, a clear background and superb lighting fixtures, they came out slightly factual.

Nonetheless now not nearly as factual as when I shoot in the studio.

Speaking of…

A Professional Studio

After shooting a handful of movies in my dwelling, I hasty realized something:

The flicks looked OK. Nonetheless I change into spending HOURS organising and taking down lighting fixtures, backgrounds and soundproofing. My lounge went from a situation to relax to a brightly-lit video studio with stuff in each place in the put.

Not factual.

So in some unspecified time in the future I made up our minds to take a explore at a pictures studio.

The flicks looked successfully-lit and clear… however the audio change into unpleasant.

(And, as I’ll duvet in a minute, how your video sounds is basically more essential than how it appears to be like)

Lastly, I went to a goal video studio. This time the movies looked AND sounded big.

Proper video studio lighting and sound

Plus, I didn’t must flip my lounge staunch into a studio every time I wanted to shoot. I factual showed up… and the digicam, lighting fixtures and background change into already role up for me.

Brian in studio


So that’s the massive upside of the usage of a studio: it’s clear helpful.

Yes, you MIGHT be ready to movie studio superb movies on your situation or office. Nonetheless you furthermore mght must role everything up (and take it down) at any time whenever you may perhaps shoot.

The plan back of a studio is that they’ll also be pricey. The right designate depends on the studio. I’ve in my belief paid between $800 (Berlin) and $5k (NYC) for a single day of shooting.

On Field

This also may perhaps be exterior. At an occasion. Or wherever that’s now not the put you in most cases shoot.

The upside of on procedure shoots is that they gape attention-grabbing and dynamic.

I worn to shoot my video intros exterior for this particular cause:

Brian Dean – Outdoor video intro

Yes, these gape big. Nonetheless they had been an unswerving misfortune in the butt.

Why? As a consequence of these procedure shots made our shots 10x more complicated. Lighting fixtures, audio, noise, rain, snow, assorted folk… can (and can) affect your shoot.

Which is why I indicate warding off on procedure shots must you’re first initiating out. Then, once you salvage a address on the basics, with out a doubt feel free to spice issues up with an on procedure shoot.


Now that you just may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps comprise a procedure, it’s time to take a digicam.

There are (literally) thousands of cameras to understand from.

Nonetheless I indicate the usage of a DSLR digicam.

DSLR camera


Three reasons:

First, they’re slightly cheap.

Compared with most video cameras, DSLRs are clear cheap. Surely, this extremely-rated DSLR on Amazon is simplest $400.

Canon DSLR camera - Price

2nd, they’re easy to utilize.

In the occasion you’re worn to filming with your iPhone, you don’t know how factual you may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps comprise it till you’ve tried a like video digicam.

Most excessive-stop video cameras are PACKED with features and settings that you just’ll never use. Determined, DSLRs comprise a studying curve. Nonetheless they’re essentially level and shoot.

Third, the movies gape big.

As prolonged as you may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps comprise solid lighting fixtures, that you just may perhaps shoot clear pro movies with a DSLR. And a complete bunch them now even give a boost to 4k.

Surely, this video change into shot with a cheap DSLR.


In the occasion you may perhaps shoot pro movies, you’d like a tripod. There’s no two ways round it.

Fortunately, there are a host of tripods that are designed particularly for DSLRs.

DSLR tripods


Most cameras (including DSLRs) near with a constructed-in mic.

Don’t use them!

In the occasion you’d like your movies to gape AND sounds big, you’d like an external mic.

Your two essential choices are a lav mic or a development mic.

Lav .vs. Boom mic

I take lav microphones. They’re easy to utilize. And due to they’re end to your arena’s mouth, the audio in most cases sounds big.

The plan back of a lav mic is that it’s exhausting (or infrequently now not doable) to veil them.

I in my belief don’t thoughts that my mic is exhibiting in my movies.

Brian Dean – Microphone showing

Nonetheless if that’s a wretchedness for you, you most likely prefer to trudge with a development mic.

And whenever you occur to’re on a shoestring budget, that you just may perhaps with out a doubt account audio with your iPhone. It’s now not gracious. Nonetheless it with out a doubt beats the usage of your digicam’s mic.

Lighting fixtures

In phrases of lighting fixtures, there are 1,000,000 choices.

Studio lights

In basic, I indicate the usage of box lights.

That’s due to box lights salvage a cozy, flattering light.

Box lights create a soft, flattering light

The gracious assorted element to comprise in mind with lighting fixtures is that you just may perhaps almost never comprise ample of it.

Surely, for most shots, you’ll need 4-5 assorted lights to salvage the job performed.

Chapter 4: Movie Pleasurable Movies

How to Film Awesome Videos

Now that you just may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps comprise your equipment, it’s time to salvage essentially the most out of them.

And in this chapter I’m going to level to you exactly how one can salvage movies that gape AWESOME.

(Including a complete bunch developed tricks and systems that I’ve learned from years of video production).

So whenever you occur to’ve ever wondered how one can salvage essentially the most out of your digicam, mic and lighting fixtures, you’ll be taught a ton from this chapter.

Employ a Script Or Clarify

Here is a lesson I had to be taught the exhausting skill.

After I first got started with movies, I’d comprise a rough thought of what I wanted to duvet. Nonetheless I slightly essential freestyled.

Which ended in me going off on little tangents, like this:

(Not to mention endless cuts due to I misplaced music of what I change into announcing)

At the novel time, I script out each line upfront:

Typed-out video script

Which helps me circulation REALLY like a flash.

As a consequence of my movies are scripted upfront I’m able to literally duvet 2-3x more mumble material in the identical interval of time.

(Plus, the shoot itself goes with out problems due to I don’t must originate a bunch of takes. I factual be taught my lines off the teleprompter).

You don’t essentially must write every notice sooner than time. Nonetheless I originate indicate the usage of a detailed clarify that covers what you may perhaps duvet. That means, your final video mumble material comes out clear crisp.

Employ 3-Level Lighting fixtures

Here’s how it appears to be like:

3-point lighting set up

In assorted words, you level your lights at 3 areas:

  • The background
  • The topic
  • Ambient light

In the occasion you don’t comprise all three of these areas successfully-lit, your lighting fixtures can gape with out a doubt unbalanced.

Avoid using a single light source

Nonetheless must you may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps comprise ample ambient light in the room, on your arena and straight on the backdrop, your movies will gape clear lustrous.

Create ambient light in the room

Command Up Soundproofing

You may perhaps perhaps comprise the suitable mic in the arena…

…but whenever you occur to shoot in an echoey room, your audio will sound unpleasant.

In case your room has a host of echo, I’d interact some soundproofing arena cloth from Amazon.

And whenever you occur to would in point of fact like a budget chance, throw some thick yoga mats on the bottom.

Most echo comes from sound bouncing back-and-forth off the bottom and ceiling. And yoga mats pause sound from bouncing up and down.

Soundproofing reduces echo

Chapter 5: Edit Movies Adore a Professional

Edit Videos Like A Pro

So you factual shot a bunch of images.

Successfully, now it’s time to edit your movies like a pro.

Particularly, in this chapter I’m going to level to you how one can use color correction, cuts, and on-display veil veil graphics to salvage your movies gape very marvelous.

Let’s salvage started.

Color Correction

Color correction may perhaps perhaps very successfully be essentially the most underrated section of the making improvements to route of.

Surely, color correction can totally remodel how your video appears to be like and feels (in a factual skill).

To illustrate, gape on the adaptation between this raw photographs from the studio when put next with the colour-corrected version.

Raw footage .vs. Color corrected

That’s a world of distinction.

A complete bunch Cuts

As a consequence of of vlogs and instagram Stories, folk are worn to jump cuts.

So don’t be terrified to diminish your video up into dozens of varied objects… and use jump cuts to tie all of them collectively.

These cuts purchase your video transferring, which may perhaps attend with audience retention. They also salvage it easy to diminish out “umms”, “ahhs” and assorted stuff that you just most likely don’t need on your final video.

To illustrate, this 10-minute video from my channel has 88 cuts.

Graphics and Animations

The #1 interrogate I salvage about video advertising is “What making improvements to attract originate you use?”.

Editing software questions

The cause folk request me this interrogate is that my YouTube movies use TONS of graphics and animations.

Video graphics and animations

The element is, I work with a talented video animator that makes these graphics for us. And while he makes use of Adobe Premiere, it’s with out a doubt now not in regards to the draw.

In assorted words, there’s no magical draw that’s going to bang out customized illustrations and animations.

That said:

In the occasion you may perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps comprise skills with animations or illustrations (or prefer to be taught), then with out a doubt feel free so that you just can add like graphics to your movies.

Otherwise, I’d purchase your graphics clear easy and simple.

To illustrate, Simone Giertz provides a complete bunch textual mumble material to her movies.

Simone Giertz adds lots of text to her videos

These salvage her movies more dynamic. Even whenever you occur to may perhaps perhaps perhaps comprise zero skills with making improvements to, that you just may perhaps originate the identical element on your movies.

“Taking pictures For The Edit”

One in all the massive mistakes I made early on change into shooting a bunch of totally disorganized photographs.

A single video may perhaps perhaps perhaps be atomize up up into several assorted files. Once almost today we’ve comprise 5 movies atomize up all over 3 assorted files.

To salvage matters worse, I didn’t comprise an clarify or script. So I wasn’t determined which shots may perhaps perhaps perhaps be of me… or shots that can perhaps perhaps use a b-roll, graphic or assorted digicam angle.

And I’d ship this disorganized mess to Sasha, our editor, and mumble: “edit this”. He did a gigantic job with what I despatched him. Nonetheless it with out a doubt took 2-3x longer than it will perhaps perhaps peaceable comprise due to I didn’t opinion sooner than time.

At the novel time, I “shoot for the edit”. Which implies that I opinion and shoot movies with the making improvements to route of in thoughts.

To illustrate, I strive to position every video on its possess video file.

Also, due to I use a script, I know upfront which photographs I’m going to be in. And which photographs will likely be a b-roll or graphic.

Get more views on YouTube – Document

That means, I don’t must fear about how I gape in these particular shots.

Chapter 6: Stepped forward Suggestions and Tactics

Advanced Strategies & Techniques

Now that you just’ve got the basics of video advertising down, it’s time to dive into some developed arena cloth.

Particularly, I’m going to level to you 6 developed video systems that I use to salvage my movies better.

You’ll also be taught about systems that I use to salvage more views on every video that I add to YouTube.

Nail The First 5-10 Seconds

The first 5-10 seconds of your video are HUGE.

So make certain that your video grabs your reader’s attention factual away.

In assorted words, avoid intelligent logos.

Lengthy-winded background reviews.

Or something else else that’s now not clear compelling.

To illustrate, I always originate off my movies telling folk what they’re going to be taught.

Tell people what they will learn

I also strive to be more excessive-energy right here to salvage folk thinking in regards to the video.

The Sequel Approach

It’s no secret that YouTube is a massively popular search engine.

Where Americans search the web

That said:

YouTube search is simplest ONE skill to salvage views on your YouTube movies.

The assorted skill?

Urged Video.

Surely, for some channels, Urged Video brings in more monthly views than YouTube search.

(Yes, with out a doubt).

Save a query to is: HOW originate you salvage your movies to level to up in the Urged Video sidebar?

A recent technique called “The Sequel Approach”.

I clarify the full route of in this video:

Mix Things Up

In assorted words, salvage your video mumble material SUPER dynamic.

A factual rule of thumb is that you just may perhaps perhaps peaceable change something on your video once every 20 seconds.

This also may perhaps be as easy as a digicam angle change:

Or it will also be something more fervent, like transitioning to a b-roll or animation.

Either skill, mixing issues up makes your video more compelling, attention-grabbing… and in the shatter a video that folk will notice the full skill to the stop.

Test Longer Movies

Most folk are frightened of publishing movies that are longer than 5 minutes.

They in most cases mumble something like: “Other folks comprise with out a doubt short attention spans. No person needs to comprise a study a video that’s more than a short time”.

(It’s amusing: I comprise in mind folk announcing the identical element about weblog posts a few years in the past. Nonetheless you don’t hear that very in most cases this day…)

And I’m able to let you know from first-hand skills that prolonged-assemble video mumble material CAN work.

To illustrate, this video from my YouTube channel is 19 minutes prolonged.

Despite being “prolonged”, it has over 435,548 views.

Get more subscribers and video views

And based totally on this alternate gaze we did a few years back, longer movies in most cases have a tendency to atrocious in YouTube search.

Video length chart

Final analysis? In case your video is massive, folk WILL notice it. Even though it’s prolonged.

Employ a Consistent Watch and If fact be told feel

Your movies may perhaps perhaps peaceable all comprise a identical gape and with out a doubt feel.

This doesn’t indicate that you just may perhaps must shoot in the right identical situation with the right identical background each time.

As a replace, make certain that every video has the identical branding and with out a doubt feel.

Marie Forleo does a gigantic job with this.

Even supposing Marie’s interview movies are in a determined procedure than her identical outdated movies…

Marie Forleo – Interview video

…all of her movies comprise the identical branding and environment.

Marie Forleo – Branding

Employ Humor

I’m able to let you know from skills that making movies can even be STRESSFUL.

Successfully, humor is a straightforward skill to lighten issues up AND salvage your movies better.

To illustrate, I add 2-3 cheesy little jokes to most of my movies:

Cheesy little jokes in videos

These always relax out the mood in the studio. Principally due to every person is aware of how cheesy these jokes are!

Extra essential than that, these little jokes attend boost movies on dry subject matters, like technical online page positioning and keyword analysis.

Chapter 7: Video advertising Case Reviews

Video Marketing Case Studies

In this chapter I’m going to share 3 NEW video advertising case analysis with you.

That means, that you just may perhaps seek the systems and ways from this handbook in action.

Particularly, you’re going to acknowledge how Andrew got 4million views on a single Fb video. How Jeff Rose elevated his YouTube channel views by 880%. And the procedure in which I hit the #1 space in YouTube for the keyword: “Video online page positioning”.

Let’s salvage started.

How Andrew Holland Generated

3 Million Views on a Fb Video

Backlinko reader Andrew Holland change into given a anxious process from one amongst his purchasers:

Set up a social video designed to trudge viral. From a Fb page that had 280 followers.

And, oh yeah, his shopper had about 100 bucks to advertise the submit. So this complete element had to be slightly essential 100% organic.

Here’s what befell subsequent…

First, Andrew created a list of folk that his shopper’s audience of martial arts followers would LOVE to acknowledge more mumble material about.

More content for martial arts fans

2nd, he made an in-depth video in regards to the legendary Bruce Lee.

Andrew Holland's Bruce Lee video

In the stop, Andrew’s video did GREAT.

Surely, prior to now, this video has picked up over 4 million organic views:

Video with millions of organic views

How I Obtained a #1 Rating for “Video online page positioning”

A while back I printed this video.

As that you just may perhaps potentially dispute from the title, my essential keyword for that video change into “Video online page positioning”.

Video SEO – Keyword in title

And a few months after my video went are residing, I hit the #1 space in YouTube see that keyword:

Video SEO – Keyword search results

(An arena I’ve kept ever since)

OK ample bragging 🙂

Listed right here are the three systems I worn to comprise interaction that extremely aggressive #1 space.

First, I NAILED my intro.

Adore I talked about in Chapter 6, the first few seconds of your video are SUPER essential.

Which is why I went with a short and simple introduction.

Short and straightforward introduction

2nd, I printed a prolonged video.

10: 56 isn’t that prolonged.

Nonetheless it with out a doubt change into A LOT longer than most of the assorted movies on that topic on the time.

Which supposed that I could perhaps perhaps perhaps duvet everything anyone wished to understand about YouTube online page positioning in a single situation.

Cover everything someone needed to know about YouTube

Lastly, I optimized my video by including my keyword in my title:

Video SEO in title


Video description

And YouTube tags:

Video tags

As a consequence of of this rating (and views from Urged Video), that video has racked up 791,596 views prior to now.

Video SEO – Views views total


How Jeff Rose Increased His YouTube

Channel’s Views By 880%

A pair of years in the past Jeff Rose had a challenge that I know a host of that you just may perhaps dispute to.

Jeff change into inserting out with out a doubt factual video mumble material.

Nonetheless no person change into looking out at it.

Jeff Rose – Low video view count

It change into clear frustrating. In spite of everything, Jeff put a host of time and effort into his movies.

Nonetheless all that energy wasn’t translating into success on YouTube.

That’s when Jeff made up our minds to take a explore at a determined reach.

And that recent reach took his monthly views from practically nothing to 301,110 views per thirty days.

Jeff Rose – Monthly traffic spike

Here’s how he did it:

First, to advertise his movies, Jeff would share a teaser version on Fb.

Jeff Rose – Video teaser

This teaser video is like a YouTube video trailer. That means, folk that prefer to be taught more can head over to YouTube to comprise a look on the full element.

2nd, Jeff got feedback on his thumbnails from his audience… earlier than he printed a video.

Jeff Rose – Feedback from audience

That means, he knew the right images and layouts that his audience would prefer to acknowledge.

Lastly, Jeff worn a “No Comment Left At the back of” technique.

In assorted words: Jeff replies to slightly essential every statement that folk trudge away on his movies.

Jeff Rose – Video comment replies

(Even though it’s factual a 👍)

This elevated engagement on his movies, which is HUGE for online page positioning on YouTube.

Your Turn

I’m hoping you liked this handbook to video advertising in 2019.

Now I’d take to listen to from you: Which technique from this day’s handbook are you going to ty first?

Are you going to originate making longer movies? Or originate specializing in the first 10 seconds of your video?

Let me know by leaving a short statement under factual now.

Brian Dean

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