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Pinterest : All the pieces Companies Have to Know

Content is the reason search began in the first place.

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Pinterest analytics can show you loads about what drawl is performing finest, who your followers on the platform are, and more.

Having this knowledge is necessary in permitting you to glimpse trends in what kinds of drawl your pinning target audience most desires to hunt down.

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As you tag this knowledge, you’ll be in a station to tag more high-performing drawl, yielding more results, in conjunction with repins, impressions, and clicks to your pickle.

Fastidiously monitoring your growth and performance on the platform is foremost, that’s why we are going to heart of attention totally on Pinterest analytics.

Pinterest doesn’t get as great consideration as other social media marketing platforms, but it goes to restful.

Its user atrocious is progressively rising, and the model of customers is increasing too as more men have gotten a member of the beforehand women-dominated platform.

Pinterest also has a quantity of promoting vitality, with larger than 93% of customers the utilization of the platform to analyze trying to gain decisions, and with larger than 40% of Pinners having an annual family earnings of larger than $100,000.

Magnificent like with all social media platforms, success on Pinterest components being in a station to hunt down the shapely drawl and ideas to place with your target audience.

But what about how one can of route carry out particular you’re on the shapely discover?

In this knowledge, we’re going to keep a perceive at what you may possibly possibly additionally be taught from the native analytics platform and the knowledge you may possibly possibly additionally get entry to from Promoted Pins to improve your campaigns transferring forward.

The obtain to Score Pinterest analytics

Finding your analytics is easy.

The analytics tab is found in the tip lefthand nook of Pinterest’s navigation bar, and all you wish to total is click and establish where precisely you’d pick to head.

Pinterest analytics for businesses

Pinterest is easiest available to industrial profiles.

If your profile isn’t currently a industrial profile, you may possibly possibly additionally uncover how one can convert it here.

What You Can Be taught from Pinterest’s analytics

Pinterest has up as a lot as now its analytics platform quite straight away, so if you’ve seen any modifications, you’re now not alone (or crazy).

Whereas the entirety former to be under one dashboard, the platform is now separated into three tremendous sections:

  1. Profile Overview

  2. Folks you Reach

  3. Target audience Insights

Let’s keep a shut perceive at every.


Pinterest analytics: Profile Overview

Pinterest’s Profile Overview analytics are of route easy and straightforward to exhaust.

Whereas I like Pinterest as a platform, in spite of the entirety, I haven’t felt like the interface modified into once continuously exceptionally easy to easy to exhaust in some iterations, so businesses can breathe a assert of relief.

You’ll uncover shapely away that the “your profile” piece is divided into four various classes:

  • Impressions
  • Saves (repins)
  • Clicks for your pins
  • All-time (which supplies you hasty knowledge for your drawl’s performance over time).

Right here, perceive at the “Impressions From” tag, where you can alternate the various time frame for which you’re given the records.

You’ll also scrutinize that there’s an “Export knowledge” button in the tip shapely-hand nook, which capability that you just can obtain these stories, and an “All apps” tumble-down menu.

Whereas you click on this “All apps” menu, you’ll uncover that you just may possibly possibly additionally very effectively glimpse the analytic knowledge for particular kinds of devices, which would possibly present you with some ideas about whether or now not various kinds of drawl discontinue better on internet vs cell, or iPhone vs. Android.

Pinterest analytics

The impressions, the Saves, and the Clicks tabs will tag you more knowledge regarding the entire quantity of impressions/repins/and clicks your particular person pins and boards bought.

Each tab will of route tag you all of this knowledge, but every tab will prioritize recount in line with its particular metrics.

In other words, the impressions tab will tag you the most effective quantity of impressions bought, while clicks will arrange the pins in line with the quantity of clicks.

All somewhat easy, shapely?  😯

The all-time tab is the one which goes to present you with irregular knowledge that the opposite three don’t.

It would show you your most shared pins of all time, the pins that performed finest in search, and those with a high quantity of saves, clicks, and potentially other engagement.

Utilize this knowledge to hunt down your perfect-performing drawl and perceive for trends of what your target audience desires to hunt down most. 

Pinterest analytics: Folks You Reach

At the moment, the Folks You Reach piece has been somewhat stripped from what it former to be, and currently we’re of route easiest seeing reach in this piece.

You’re going to be in a station to hunt down how many viewers are seeing your pins, and folks who of route eradicate.

There former to be more information here regarding the actual target audience participants that you just’re reaching, but this has been moved to the unique and improved Target audience Insights, so let’s lunge forward and keep a perceive at those. 

Pinterest analytics: Target audience Insights

Pinterest’s Target audience Insights supplies you a quantity of knowledge about your particular target audience, which you may possibly possibly additionally compare against Pinterest’s overall target audience atrocious.

You’re going to be in a station to hunt down your target audience’s age, gender, station, and devices former.

The segment of the Target audience Insights that I like most, alternatively, is the pastime knowledge.

Pinterest will tag you what percentage of your target audience is drawn to various classes of pursuits.

Whereas you happen to click on the elevated, broader classes, you may possibly possibly additionally even uncover little print about particular areas of pastime from your goal target audience.

The subsections segment of The pastime knowledge is unique, and I mediate it’s a astronomical asset.

Being in a station to hunt down precisely what your target audience is drawn to would possibly be necessary at now not easiest helping you tag better drawl, but to of route will let you generate unique solutions.

What About analytics for Promoted Pins?

Magnificent like with Facebook or Twitter, you’ve got your natural analytics, after which your PPC analytics.

Your insights for Promoted Pins would possibly be available by the Commercials Supervisor.

For hasty get entry to, you may possibly possibly additionally bag “Reporting” under the Commercials tumble-down menu.

You’ll deserve to glimpse every particular person form of marketing campaign, so your Traffic campaigns would possibly be listed individually from your Designate Consciousness campaigns.

You’ll be in a station to hunt down the general knowledge from every form of marketing campaign, with your entire impressions, saves, clicks, CTR, CPC, and entire exercise.

Whereas you happen to glimpse your particular person marketing campaign metrics, you’ll even be in a station to hunt down these statistics for every marketing campaign that you just’re running.

Right here, you may possibly possibly additionally end or edit your campaigns, and uncover that are easiest at the obedient tag level.

Again, this can will let you glimpse the obedient drawl, but it may possibly possibly well also additionally present you with insights into how accurate your focusing on criteria had been. 

You’re going to be in a station to glimpse this knowledge at the promoting campaign, ad pickle, and ad level.

Third-Occasion Pinterest analytics Instruments

Pinterest’s native analytics is excellent in its include shapely, so it’s a upright solution to open up with.

That being said, customers who are accustomed to the obliging part that incorporates other native insights platforms (like Facebook’s Insights, or even their Neighborhood Insights) may possibly well also of route feel that Pinterest’s native analytics are a diminutive lacking. Whereas I mediate their adverts analytics is famed, the general target audience insights and overview insights are both somewhat surface-level.

Whereas you would possibly want to dig a diminutive deeper, there are loads of third-occasion analytics tools for Pinterest that would effectively be glorious here.

Each one comes with a paid subscription (and as segment of a elevated SaaS product), but it’s going to present you with a unique perceive at actionable knowledge for the platform.

Let’s keep a perceive at every, starting with the obedient. 😉

Hootsuite Impact

Hootsuite Impact is an ROI-centered analytics platform Hootsuite supplies, and it comes with a plump and native integration with Pinterest.

Since the platform is centered on ROI, Hootsuite Impact looks at your various social platforms up shut (Pinterest included) to tag you how your marketing efforts are contributing to actual monetary profit and sales generation.

All of this is going down in actual-time, providing you with actionable strategic insights that may let you toughen your performance effectively.

As effectively as to being in a station to discover your include analytics for what’s going down on Pinterest, Hootsuite Impact also permits for aggressive benchmarking, too.

Demand what your high competition is doing, seeing what kinds of drawl they’re the utilization of and the procedure effectively its performing for them. Since competitor research must restful be something that all producers are staring at closely– especially on social– this is a substantial wait on.


Viralwoot— which modified into once beforehand is believed as “Pinwoot”– is a social media scheduler, creator, and analytics platform for both Pinterest and instagram.

This analytics platform does provide the humble knowledge on engagement, clicks, and repins (chanced on under “long-established stats” and under “boards knowledge”), but they’ve also bought three irregular analytics recommendations.

Impact rating, exhibiting you how influential your Pinterest campaigns and overall presence are (more established accounts can bear elevated scores).

Your spam & SEO test, which would possibly show you how effectively your drawl is optimized for search and the procedure great of it has been pinned at once from image uploads (which may possibly well effectively be a hallmark that Pinterest flags as spam).

The assert time for you to pin, in line with past knowledge so that you just may possibly possibly additionally optimize your drawl additionally. 


Tailwind, like Viralwoot, is an analytics and scheduling platform for both Pinterest and instagram.

Tailwind has a quantity of actionable knowledge and plump-on google analytics and Omniture integration recommendations.

They also provide chilly reporting recommendations -particularly in relation to filtering– and a few glorious construction-monitoring tools that give you with the ability to opinion trends in repins and comments, to boot to to “vitality” of fan engagement over time. Because you may possibly possibly additionally archive historical knowledge to envision back at any level, this is excellent.

Final but now not least, their irregular pastime heatmaps will let you guarantee you’re focusing on the actual kinds of drawl your target audience desires, alongside with establishing with unique kinds of drawl to accommodate, too.

Closing Suggestions

Fastidiously monitoring your Pinterest analytics and turning those insights into actionable modifications will will let you prevail on the platform.

Having a perceive at what’s working with both your natural drawl and your Promoted Pins supplies you precious knowledge that you just may possibly possibly additionally exhaust to carry out marketing decisions transferring forward, in conjunction with the utilization of high performing natural drawl to affect the types of pins to tag for your Promoted Pin campaigns.

Whether or now not you are taking to exhaust Pinterest’s native analytics or opt for a paid third occasion instrument that may let you dig a diminutive deeper, be unsleeping to take care of key metrics that topic most for your campaigns and know the procedure they work collectively.

Engagement rate— like the quantity of clicks or repins you bought for every glimpse– will continuously be an necessary metric to opinion, exhibiting you the relevance of your pin.

Impressions are more necessary here than on other platforms, though, as optimizing your drawl for search is a truly necessary segment of Pinterest marketing and likewise you wish to carry out obvious you’re getting that extend.

So what are you ready for? Pinterest’s analytics (native or otherwise!) is ready for you to optimize your drawl, so it’s time to open up!

What discontinue you have confidence you studied? How discontinue you make exhaust of Pinterest analytics? Procedure you make exhaust of any third-occasion analytics tools? Issue us what you have confidence you studied in the comments beneath! 

Ana Gotter

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