Thursday, October 17, 2019

40+ programs to showcase your visual storytelling prowess

Content is the reason search began in the first place.

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Visuals have the energy to connect with audiences on a uniquely emotional level. They captivate audiences and take them coming abet for more.

PR On each day foundation’s Video & Visible Awards will showcase the actual individual communicators, teams and companies that frail the energy of visuals to repeat compelling stories and purchase audiences.

Half with us how your videos and visual designs grabbed audience attention—each internally and externally. What stories did they repeat? How did they lead to success for your campaigns, projects or initiatives? What made them irregular and special? We want to listen to all of it.

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This year’s program offers greater than 40 classes retaining a broad vary of video and visual construct attributes and matters. That you just can enter greater than one category to magnify your possibilities of a hit—and set up on a few submissions of the an analogous advertising campaign or project.

Scroll all of the formula down to learn more about this year’s program and classes, then evaluate out closing year’s winners to look what a hit work looks adore.

Eligibility Requirements

These awards are begin to in-condo, agency and self sustaining communication practitioners within the private, corporate, nonprofit and executive sectors. Enter your work, the work of your organization or submit entries on behalf of your client.

Firms from across the enviornment are welcome to enter as long because the entry is submitted in English.

Contact Brendan Gannon to build up the acceptable category for your advertising campaign or project. That you just can reach him at 312-960-4407 or

This year’s program is begin to any work performed between
Jan. 1, 2018, and
Sept. 30, 2019, inclusive.


Every category winner will accumulate:

  • A featured write-up in a Special Version of
  • An goal correct-looking trophy   
  • Fifteen percent off registration to as many conferences as you’d adore within 365 days of the winner announcement

PLUS:  Right Prize winners accumulate the final above, as neatly as a complimentary one-year membership to Ragan Coaching, our premier portal that incorporates a total bunch of high quality streaming videos that might perchance perchance also be browsed by topic location, keywords or speakers. 



Charitable or Nonprofit Video

How did you spend video as a storytelling instrument for your nonprofit or charitable initiative? Half the video you created to spice up awareness about a exclaim, foundation, charitable service or nonprofit organization. Entries from nonprofit or for-earnings organizations doing charitable work are eligible.

Disaster Administration Video

You needed to retort to a crisis in a sensitive and rapid formula. Producing a video used to be the acceptable plot to build up your message out to a sizable audience. Did you exclaim a public apology? Respond to a crisis affecting your neighborhood? Elaborate us why you needed to create this video and stroll us thru the manufacturing assignment. Don’t omit to incorporate what made it favorable.

digital Advertisement

Video is an awfully fantastic plot to force sales. How did your digital ad declare their possess praises your product or service and entice of us to purchase? Elaborate us all about it—and whether it made a distinction to your earnings as neatly.

Academic Video

Who used to be your audience? What have been you hoping to coach in conjunction with your video? How did you spend the expertise of your workers, executives or outside influencers to add credibility to your message? We want to clutch your mission and, most considerably, the consequences.

Occasion Video

You sought a more artistic formula to using attendance to your match—and a video used to be the acceptable resolution. What channels did you spend to allotment it? Did it feature clips from speakers, emphasize the advantages of attending or repeat what of us missed by not attending? Let us seek the video you created for your match or program. Please encompass responses from your audience(s).

Government Communication Video

How did you instruct your executives to successfully allotment messages on digicam that folks would listen to? How did this execute a distinction in viewership and views of credibility? What have been the consequences from your govt comms video message?

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a colossal, fun plot to level to enterprise tips and new concepts. Why used to be producing an explainer video a colossal technique for you? Did you create this for a consumer or for internal use? Half a link to your video and your complete predominant functions about your technique and success.

influencer Video

You desired to build up your label in front of an enormous audience, so you let an influencer clutch heart stage. How did you prefer out the upright spokesperson for your video? What made him or her a unswerving fit for your label? We want to look the planning that went into selecting this influencer, alongside with the video you produced and the consequences.

Inner Communications Video

We want to look the formula you delivered your organization’s info onscreen, offered holiday greetings to your team, announced a merger or new route, boosted morale or communicated an govt’s observation. Half your success with us, and don’t omit to incorporate employee solutions.

Interview Video

Video captures human info and emotion more powerfully than any diversified medium. Why did you prefer out video to bring an particular individual’s ardour or memoir to lifestyles? Did you interview an employee to allotment his or her ride at your organization? We want to clutch what made your interview video favorable.

News Memoir Video

You delivered extremely fantastic or predominant info to your audience thru video. Elaborate us the formula you lined your complete key questions and delivered significant info to the final public, workers or clients. How did you’re taking your audience’s attention in an worldwide of persistently breaking info?

Group Overview Video

How did you’re taking your organization’s targets, mission, new initiatives or companies and products on video? What did they attain for recruitment and coaching? We want to clutch what you did to bolster your organization’s message, as neatly because the solutions you bought.

Product advertising and marketing Video

A characterize might perchance perchance additionally take a 2nd unswerving of a thousand words, but a video tells your product’s memoir. Why did you prefer out video to market this product? What used to be video’s obvious payment? We want to clutch what your advertising targets have been—and don’t omit solutions. What made your video favorable?

Public Relations Video

Your press releases weren’t getting attention anymore, so you went a diversified route. What memoir did you repeat to your public relations video? Was as soon as your video created to pitch a memoir to journalists? Did that you might like to generate a more safe characterize of your client or label? What did you finish?

*NEW* Public Provider Announcement Video

Was as soon as your video instrumental in elevating awareness about social or health and security points? How did it expose the final public or abet alternate attitudes in direction of the points in a diversified and compelling plot? Half the programs, ways and outcomes.

Recruitment or Employer Branding Video

Your organization would be nothing with out goal correct of us. How did you spend video to attract colossal candidates for your crew? Half the video that touched the hearts and minds of a lustrous, stressful pool of doable new hires. What used to be the response?

Security Video

You created a security video that conveyed serious, lifesaving security pointers or procedures in a fun, absorbing plot. We want to clutch the formula you frail video to promote a security advertising campaign to your condo of enterprise. How did your video take your audience attentive? How did your video quit in a safer set up of enterprise?

*NEW* Scoot back and forth, Tourism or Hospitality Video

Your video used to be a key ingredient in promoting an ride to company. How did your video compel vacationers to e book with you or your client? Half your targets, the formula you completed them and any solutions you bought as a outcome.

TV advertising and marketing advertising and marketing campaign

TV advertisements ought to be irregular, memorable and watchable time and yet again. How did you maximize publicity for your organization, product or service with an modern, lustrous, witty TV ad advertising campaign? What message did you accumulate across? Please repeat us outcomes.

User-Generated Video

Your customers add a new standpoint to your label memoir. User-generated videos can repeat you plenty about how your products or companies and products are seen. Half the patron-generated videos you gathered and repeat us the formula you frail them. What impressed of us to create them? Half the videos and the consequences.

*NEW* Office Custom Video

Via organizational cultures, yours is the cream of the prick. Show camouflage us how your video highlights how your organization offers a balance of work and play while encouraging employee increase and achieving outcomes.


360 Video

You desired to present your viewers your complete characterize, so you created an interactive, 360-level video they might perchance uncover. Private been you showing off a product, an match or something else? Half your 360 video with us and repeat us how it helped finish your targets.

*NEW* Augmented or Virtual Actuality Video

Your video helped viewers immerse themselves in an ride. What have been the advantages of providing a digital or augmented fact ride to your audience? Did it execute viewers if truth be told feel as if they have been at an match or abet them preview a product? Half the predominant functions and the outcomes.

Appealing Video

With whimsical yet relatable characters and a fun and consuming storyline, your video attracted a sizable audience. We want to look the programs, solutions and outcomes of your outstanding enthralling video.

Live Video

Fb Live and instagram Tales, among diversified channels and platforms, mean that you might connect and purchase in conjunction with your audience straight. How did you spend are residing video to force engagement in conjunction with your organization, match or advertising campaign? Did you quiz for solutions or participation from your audience? Elaborate us all about it.

Low-Budget Video (Underneath $2,500)

It’s less complicated than ever to create shapely video with out breaking the bank. Did you spend a smartphone, digital digicam or GoPro to execute movie magic? Show camouflage us the formula you stretched every dollar and acquired more video bang for your buck.

Order of a Celeb or Persona

You needed to create a video notion, on the opposite hand it wished a lumber of superstar energy. How did you are making a partnership with a celeb or persona that made sense for your label? Who did you prefer out and why did it work? We want to clutch the formula you employed your celeb’s have an effect on and recognition to lend credibility to your message.

Video Series

You instructed a rich, keen memoir in many functions. Why used to be every video spectacular by itself and even greater when build alongside with others? Elaborate us the formula you have been in a position to execute these attention-grabbing segments add as much as bigger than the sum of their functions. How did your sequence magnify engagement and take viewers coming abet for more? Don’t omit to allotment the consequences.


digital Signage

digital signage shall be an fantastic instrument for sharing info. Did you create signage for an match, activation or set up of enterprise location? What effort level did the addition of digital signage deal with for your organization or client? Elaborate us about the notion that within the abet of it and the solutions you bought.

Illustration or Appealing Produce

Performed upright, animation and illustration present straightforward explanations for stylish concepts. Why have been enthralling characters the upright medium for your message? Did your illustrations and animations grace a video, infographic or something else? Elaborate us about the memoir you created for your characters and how it met your targets.


Did you upward thrust to the topic ought to you have been asked to turn intimidating info into an goal correct-looking infographic? Did you execute insensible statistics attention-grabbing in conjunction with your artistic and interactive construct? Elaborate us how your infographic made overwhelming info participating and precious.

Inner Communications Produce

Show camouflage us the formula you impressed your team to act. Did you spend interactive construct to level to a new advantages notion? Did you spend gamification to entice workers to total an uneventful coaching session? Show camouflage us the formula you bought messages noticed using visual construct.

advertising and marketing Produce

Presumably the most attention-grabbing advertising campaigns would be incomplete with out stable construct. We want to look how your construct gave your advertising campaign staying energy. Why have been your visuals perchance the most influential fragment of your advertising campaign? How did construct abet you manufacture your vision?

*NEW* Motion Graphics

You created the acceptable blend of animation and graphics to new info to audiences in a consuming medium. How did you pair narration in conjunction with your graphics to level to something or expose your viewers? Half the formula you ditched the mundane, step-by-step instructions to purchase viewers’ attention.


Honest photography shows the human ride from a new standpoint. How did you spend photography to painting your advertising campaign, project or organizational message? What used to be your purpose? How did photography have an effect on your outcomes?

Print Produce

Show camouflage us the formula you introduced your message to lifestyles in conjunction with your construct of print supplies. Why used to be print perchance the most attention-grabbing medium for your message? How used to be your print construct displayed? Was as soon because it for an internal or exterior audience? We want to acknowledge your work within the alternate’s most light construct medium.

Social Impact Produce

Your construct or infographic did greater than generate buzz. It incited social alternate. Did you purpose environmental, tutorial or human rights points? How did your construct bring the problem to the forefront of public consciousness? Why used to be construct the largest to teaching your neighborhood about predominant points? Don’t omit the consequences.

Social Media Produce

How did construct device your social media bid material aside from your opponents? Did your visuals generate hundreds likes, shares and comments? Why have been your profiles the hotfoot-to pages for your audience? Show camouflage us your visuals and spectacular metrics.

Web position Produce

Your online page sets the digital ride your audience friends in conjunction with your label. How did your online page construct brand of us? Was as soon as this an initial web begin for a new product or a total characterize overhaul for an organization or client? Private been you in a position to turn your online page into a digital vacation location? We want to look proof of a glowing and handy online page that engages and retains web site visitors.


Right Prize: Handiest Total Video

We want to look videos that elicited an unprecedented response from workers, stakeholders and/or customers. Your video shall be about something else. As long because the memoir is colossal and the consequences are spectacular, you’re within the running for the sizable prize.

Right Prize: Visible Produce of the Year

Elaborate us the memoir within the abet of your shapely visual construct. How did you spend visual art to discuss an notion, cause or product? Was as soon as your construct informative, extremely fantastic or silly? Show camouflage us your top-tier construct. What used to be the construct for? What used to be its manufacture? Indicate that you possess originality that straight arrests attention.

How To Enter

On the entry make, execute sure to incorporate a thorough synopsis explaining the motive and scope of your project. We quiz that the synopsis be a minimal of 1,000 words (max: 1,250 words) and encompass the next sub-headings (when appropriate):

  • Goals
  • Strategy and ways
  • Execution
  • Review: success, outcomes or ROI

Be obvious to coach the guidelines laid out within the category descriptions, because the judges will interrogate those functions when they prefer out the winners.

You might perchance have the capability to add as much as 5 extra documents to your submission. We inspire you to incorporate press releases, construct concepts, videos, analytics, testimonials and something else else you if truth be told feel will give us a greater sense of your project. Proprietary or internal info can additionally be connected and ought to peaceful not be shared with the final public.

Supporting documents that might perchance perchance’t be uploaded to the machine ought to be mailed to:

Brendan Gannon

Ragan Communications 

316 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 400 

Chicago, IL 60601

Usually Asked Questions

Why ought to peaceful you instruct?

Our award programs abet you measure the success of your work and indicate the payment of your contributions to your organization. That you just can device your self apart within the alternate as an expert, which is able to begin doorways all thru your profession. As a winner, you’ll impression publicity for your label across our websites and social media audiences, free coaching at a Ragan conference of your preference, a personalized write-up about your advertising campaign and a trophy.

Who can enter?

Entries might perchance perchance additionally very neatly be submitted by organizations worldwide. Presumably the most attention-grabbing requirement is that entries be submitted in English. Most programs are begin to in-condo, agency and self sustaining communication practitioners within the private, corporate, nonprofit and executive sectors. Our Nonprofit PR Awards are reserved for nonprofit organizations.

What does it clutch to be a winner?

Even though every award program is irregular, we interrogate top-quality work that reveals obvious, plucky and artistic tips that earnings your enterprise or client. Please present metrics or media protection that abet up your claims, and allotment artistic collateral corresponding to videos, visual construct or websites that have been a fragment of your project.

Please examine our past award winners to look what will get acknowledged and rewarded.

We inspire you to submit the an analogous advertising campaign to a couple classes, ought to you if truth be told feel they’re relevant. Doing so will increase your possibilities of a hit.

What are the entry requirements?

The entry make requires that you submit a synopsis explaining the motive and scope of your project. The synopsis—1,000 to 1,250 words, please—ought to peaceful encompass the next sub-headings (when appropriate):

  • Goals
  • Strategy and ways
  • Execution
  • Review: success, outcomes or ROI

Campaigns must have been performed within 18 months sooner than the date we begin accepting submissions for a given program.

Why are some closing dates prolonged?

We prolong closing dates fixed with applicant wants and upcoming promotional opportunities.

Who’re the judges?

We currently work completely with an exterior judging accomplice. We don’t appear to be procuring for new judges for our programs at this time.

When will I uncover outcomes?

We strive and mumble a listing of finalists six to eight weeks after the terminate of this device. The announcement of the winners comes about three to four weeks after the announcement of the finalists. Every announcement shall be made with a headline on our online page, in our on each day foundation e-mail newsletter and on our social media platforms. Emails philosophize entrants prematurely of these bulletins. As closing dates are prolonged, so are expected announcement dates.

Extra Questions

When you occur to will have any questions about this device or considerations submitting your entry, please call Brendan Gannon at 312-960-4407 or e-mail him at

John Cowan

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